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Expressions of interest are sought from individuals who wish to take part in a nation-wide oral history project investigating the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people to the Australian military since 1945. The project has been supported through funding from the Australian Research Council. These interviews will provide a lasting record of LGBTI military service.

If you would like to participate please complete the 'Expression of Interest' form below.

Project Purpose

This Australia-wide project is funded by an Australian Research Council Discovery Grant. Historians from Australian Catholic University, Macquarie University and the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives are collecting oral history interviews from current and former Defence members who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI). We want to obtain information from a group of people who have not always been included in Australian national narratives of military and social history. The interviews that we record will be deposited into the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives or National Library of Australia (providing that interviewees grant permission for this) to create a comprehensive oral history collection focused on the history of LGBTI military service. We are interested in interviewing people from a diverse range of backgrounds, aged from 18 upwards. The researchers involved with this project may use the material collected in a range of publications.

Oral History Interview Process

We will provide people who are going to be interviewed with further information about the interview process before it takes places. If you are selected, an experienced oral historian will meet with you, spending around 2-5 hours in total recording your life story. You will have the choice of where you would like this interview to take place. The interview will focus on your life experiences before, during and after your time in the military.


If you participate in an oral history interview, this interview will be recorded and deposited with the National Library of Australia or Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives. The project researchers will also use your interview for research. You will be able to request that a pseudonym is used for the interview to maintain anonymity if you wish. It is not intended that this research will cause you any risk or discomfort. You will not receive any financial payment for participation in this project. Please note that your participation in this project is entirely voluntary and that you may withdraw at any time without having to give a reason and without adverse consequences. The ethical aspects of this study have been approved by the Australian Defence Human Research Ethics Committee and Human Research Ethics Committee at Australian Catholic University. If you have any complaints or reservations about any ethical aspect of your participation in this research, you may contact either:

Manager, Ethics
c/o Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research)
Australian Catholic University
North Sydney Campus
PO Box 968
Ph: 02 9739 2519
Fax: 02 9739 2870


Executive Secretary
Australian Defence Human Research Ethics Committee
Department of Defence
Canberra, ACT 2600
Ph: 02 6266 3837
Fax: 02 6266 2697

Any complaint you make will be treated in confidence and investigated, and you will be informed of the outcome.

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